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Thread: I can't run the original "activelife eXtreme challenge" help!!!

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    Question I can't run the original "activelife eXtreme challenge" help!!!

    Hi, I got a Wii with version 4.1U

    I just installed the NeoGamma R8 Beta 7, IOS249 (Rev14) in order to run the Super Mario Bros and work great!!! following the tutorial here.

    Now I just bought from the store the game called "Active Life eXtreme callange" wich came with the "Life Mat" witch connects to the controller socket1.

    So once its connected I run the original DVD and the screen goes black, and stays blac what can it be, can some one help!!! ????

    Thanks in advance!!
    Playing for life and for my Kids!!

    Happy time everybody!!! lets play!!

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    Well if you have preloader installed, its blocking the update. Since it cant run the update, it cant update the ios needed to play the game. But you do want to block updates at all times but you still need to install the ios. That game uses either ios38, 53, or 55 so install all of them and then try the game again.
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