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Thread: I Think My Wii is Bricked

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    I Think My Wii is Bricked

    Hi All,

    I've got a problem I think my wii has had it,I had h.b.c and all was running fine and then I tried to run wii fit with the board. After trying to sync the board to the wii console it's frozen with the priiload menu stuck on the screen.

    The worrying thing is I've taken everthing of the sd-card and when I switch the console back on it's still there, it's if though the priiload menu image has burnt it's self into the console, if anybody has had this problem or can solve this problem,or even give me an idea what to do next please reply,



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    you need to find a gc controller to navigate yourself out of the priiloader menu. then you can resync the wiimote.


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