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Thread: Modding Help Required...please!!!

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    Modding Help Required...please!!!

    Hi guys,

    My friend has recently purchased two Wiikey chips and has kindly offered to mod my console - i need a few questions answering first though!!

    a) Will my console work with a wiikey?

    ***My serial no. is LEH163771069 (the 9 is in a square) and i bought the console in Feb 08. It's a European console.

    b) The first time i hooked up my wii's wifi thingy it installed an update from nintendo - will this affect anything post modification?

    ***I've heard about consoles getting 'brick-walled' etc after updates were installed.

    c)If the wiikey simply fails to work and does not play my back-ups, would my console still work when playing my originals or will the console be rendered useless?

    Many thanks for all your pro advice fellas!!!

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    dont know about ur system since its european but use wiitracker...if u update ur system with a non pal game ur wii becomes semi bricked....u can use the software on our website to unbrick.......if wiikey dies ur original discs will still play...sometimes if the chip is dead u have to remove the chip before ur drive will function in stock mode.


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