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Thread: Homebrew channel can't load anything

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    Homebrew channel can't load anything


    I have a softmodded Wii, which I wanted to revirginize, but it can't load anything from the homebrew channel (i.e. NANDcleaner/AnyTitleDeleter). So I can't revirginze. I tried to follow this guide:

    So now i wanted to try to start the HackMii installer (with the bannerbomb), but if i say: load bannerbomb, i will get a blackscreen and nothing happens. So I can't get in the HackMii installer.
    I have BootMii installed, but i can't acces bootmii. The DVD drive flashes, but I get a black screen..

    How can I completely revirginze my Wii?
    I also can't play the newest original games, like Emergency Heroes. Other Wii games will work (older wii games), like Wii Sports Resort.

    Firmware version is 4.2E and it's a LEH281 Wii. Thanks in advance.
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