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Thread: Systm menu files corrupt? Brick

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    Systm menu files corrupt? Brick

    Hello I have bricked my wii when I turn it on I get a system menu files corrupt message? What can I do? Is there anyway I can fix this, or make my NAND unreadable so I can take it back to nintendo to get a replacement.

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    Back up. Is Priiloader or Preloader installed? Bootmii? How'd you "brick" it supposedly?
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    well heres the case, i am on 4.0E i have HBC and i had neogamma r7 r6 and usb loader the channel gx and forwarder gx, well i finally got the forwarder working with all my games loading from my external HDD so i went and deleted the usb loader gx channel and neogamma r6 and r7 but i realised i deleted the forwarder and not the channel so i went back and deleted the channel and installed the forwarder again but this time it would not read my HDD anyway i didnt worry about that, i went ahead and was trying to install preloader, it would keep frezing on the warning screen so i reinstalled ios 60 patched and tried reinstalling preloader to no avail, well i got the preloader boot and hacks files and stuck them both on the root of my sd card and then from then on it comes up with system files are corrupted pls help me

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    after you install ios 60, dont you need to install 4.0E??
    look in the very first guide in this section. it fixed me!!


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