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Thread: Is it safe to have a Wiikey while running updates?

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    Is it safe to have a Wiikey while running updates?

    As above, can I safely update to whatever firmware with my Wiikey?

    Is it now detectable and will it get bricked?

    My Wii is not softmodded or anything (Don't think I'll bother).

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    No. Never do an online update. It is okay to do disc updates though.
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    Totally agree. If you would do an online system update, it would update you to 4.2, could brick your wii but will make your modchip not work. 4.2 breaks modchip uses. Updating through disc update would update you to highest of 4.1 (NSMB) and wont break your modchip uses but you might need to upgrade the chips firmware.
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    Decided to not bother with the softmodding, I may get another Wii in the future and mod that.

    By the way, I updated my Wii to 4.2 today, even though I have an old Wiikey installed, no brick and no problem reading my backups.

    Edit: I used the net for updating.

    Edit 2: Its also a Wiikey clone! Only cost me 3 lol.
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    Ok, this threat has been good help. Can someone just confirm that is it ok to connect the wii to the internet, as long as you dont do the online updates? Have a Wiikey 2 firmware v1.3 and dont wont to screw it up when its working sooo well.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


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