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Thread: Totally Bricked Wii PAL V3.4

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    Totally Bricked Wii PAL V3.4

    Hi ppl this is new for me.. but I am looking for a solution (apart from having to send the wii to nintendo) to fix my friends Wii soft modded. As far as I am aware my friend used an update from Guitar Hero 5 PAL on PAL system and this is what happened ----->

    I have my Wii which is soft modded too, can use parts from my wii to restore the system then put the parts used back into mine once the system is restored in my friend wii.... If that made any sense.
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    Any help would be much appreciated

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    actually, you are preytty screwd unless you have boot2/bootmii, which i dont think you do..

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    1 Q, How does Nintendo repair/recover the Wii motherboard?
    If any one knows how, please post.
    Thank You

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