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Thread: Part of screen flickering

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    Part of screen flickering


    I'm a newbie to this forum as well as the hacking, downloading and burning of WII games.

    Our WII is softmodded and has firmware version 3.4E
    I'm using NEO Gamma R6 for launching and IMGBURN at 1x with Verbatim DVD-R for burning. Torrents I download are from ESPALWII and are PAL (I live in Europe).

    Most games work flawless, but a few (number is increasing) e.g. Need for Speed and Mario&Sonic Winter Games run with the bottom of the screen (2 inches) flickering green and purple. Games work fine when you are able to ignore the flickering part of the screen

    What can I do about this? Thank you all in advance for helping this newbie.

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    Anybody who has the same experience?

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    Could be wrong but I remember reading about some games which aren't fully HD which means if you play it in high resolution it will have lines at the bottom. But like I said I may be wrong.

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    Thank you hypedblank, you've send me in the right direction, I've changed the Force Video settings in Neo Gamma corresponding the settings in the Wii (PAL576i) and now they all seem to be working!


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