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Thread: 4.2 and DVDX

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    4.2 and DVDX

    Whats up everyone. I just got my wii on Friday. I decided to softmod it today. Everything went well but I can not get any DVD's to play and there is no Icon for DVDX in the Homebrew Channel. Could the reason for this be that my brother updated it to 4.2 before I did my softmod? I was able to get the homebrew browser up and tried a few different media players, none are working, they all freeze up. If it is due to my wii have the 4.2 update, is there any way around this yet?

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    Once you have installed DVDx through the bootmii installer, you then need to download MPlayer CE to play your DVDs. You cannot play DVD backups through the disc channel.

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    That is the player I have Mplayer ce that I dl'd from homebrew brower,but it is not working.


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