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Thread: New to Wii !

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    New to Wii !

    Hi Guy's

    Wow I am shot away from the level you guy's have taken the Wii too.

    My daughter finally persaded me to buy one for her Chrimbo prezzie. After getting it all set up I thought I'd have a browse around the net to see what's what. (As I torrent films so I thought I'd see if I could grab some games etc.)

    I am completely unwashed about this bit of kit and it took me a while just to find out what a 'brick' is/was.

    I have absolutely no idea what is a softmod or hardmod and I would like to learn. I shall read the FAQ's and see if the penny drops..

    However my main question is

    I have set up the internet connection via our home wireless network. I can browse ok so I know it's online and BBC IPlayer works fine but I don't 'see' the Wii from any of the 3 x pc's?
    Should I see it?

    My plan would be to send movies etc from my pc to the Wii so I can watch them on the main TV

    Is this possible??



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    at present i dont think this is possible. as far as i know there is only one homebrew app for the wii which allows you to "see" the wii on your network and that is used for dumping games via wifi but it is WAAYY to slow.

    someone feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

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    You could just download the movie you want to watch put it on a sd card or cd or dvd and use mplayer to watch it on your tv from your wii.


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