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Thread: NOOB: hacking wii 4.2u

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    NOOB: hacking wii 4.2u

    ok so first im a total noob at this. second, iv tried many guides on here and i cant install the IOS249 thingy to let me run apps. and now the homebrew channel is stuck with the apps from the hack i was trying to use, even tho i formatted the card. so seriously: i dont know what the heck im doing. someone please provide a full guide from A to Z of how to hack the wii 4.2u and fix the IOS249 problem. thanks

    EDIT: oh and also it would be nice if someone knew how to clear all the hacking iv done so far without updating or anything
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    I am on 4.2u and this worked for me. It's specifically for 4.2 users that need to install a cIOS. Just follow the steps and you'll be fine!

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    nvm lol i had a problem with step 4 in that guide. if someone could help it would really be appreciated (i cant get past step 4. when i load it up it asks if i wanna use IOS60 to install more IOS or install an IOS that accepts fakesigning. iv tried both and when i choose to use IOS60 it just freezes. with the fakesigning one it has an error. help please?)
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    Yeah its a shame no one has ever made an all in one tool to do the lot insteasd of using loads of different programs....

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