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Thread: Formatting SD Card

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    Formatting SD Card

    Hi everyone, sorry if this have been asked before, but I looked everywhere in the forum and couldn't find an answer to my problem.

    Now, I am trying to softmod my new wii 3.4u, and I am stuck at the very first step: format your sd card in fat32. How do I do that? I don't have a sd card slot in my computer, I tried with my digital camera, but it doesn't give me any option about the format. The format now is DCF, and there is no way to format in fat32. SDFormatter doesn't recognize my SD card. Any ideas?

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    How in the world were you planning on putting the files on the sd card anyway?

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    If your camera will hook to your computer you can then format the card from there, and copy files to/from it. If not you'll have to get a USB card reader, or a printer with a card reader slot.

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    Arrow You need an SD Card Reader

    I'd recommend you get an SD Card Reader for a few bucks from Ebay or Amazon. And format using Window. All you need to do then is "RiGHt CLICK" on the relevant drive Format and select FAT32.

    Much Easier when you have a reader

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    How in the world were you planning on putting the files on the sd card anyway?
    Through my digital camera. I can see my SD card when I open my camera in computer->Portable devices but when I try to format it, it doesn't give me the option fat32

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    Do as justicej says and get yourself an SD card reader for your PC. A digital camera, as you have discovered, is not a PC and so does not have multiple formatting options. Nor will the camera option do very well when you try and download, use WinRar to extract archived format files and transfer multiple file formats, etc. as part of the softmod process.

    Thread closed.


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