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Thread: New you Wii modding, quick question...

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    New you Wii modding, quick question...

    I am new to Wii modding, and i have been lurking the site for a few days now. My only question right now is, how do i know what version my Wii is on. I have connected to the internet recently and it downloaded an update. Does that mean i'm on 4.2U ?

    I am sure this question gets asked alot, i dug around didn't find anything. Thanks for the help!


    I figured i would add to this post...

    I found out i have 4.2U thanks to the guys below. Now that i tried using messies guide i'm stuck on the first step =(. When i try to load the bootmii i get an error each way i tried. I tired every combination possible. i clicked the "prepare SD card" option and boot2 does not work nor does IOS. i just get failed (-1) or something like that. Like i said i sat there for 5 mins trying every which way and the Wii just wasn't having it.
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    Go to your Wii System Menu and choose the Wii botton lower left, then click on Wii Settings, in the Uper Right Hand Corner of the screen you will see your System Version.

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    go to wii settings and it shows u the version in top right corrner.

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    thanks for the quick help!


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