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Thread: 3.4 best setup for family?

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    3.4 best setup for family?

    I did the softmod but I'm having some problems with booting games from my Seagate USB drive. Either way, we recently got a Wii Fit as well as Guitar Hero World Tour. I'm looking for the best setup to keep from having to switch disks all the time. I will most likely play only legally obtained backups of my own disks. BUT, maybe not. I'm not opposed to buying a 32GB SDHC card and loading all the games on there if I need to.

    I've had a modded xbox for a long time and using XBMC and customizing the skins I could make choosing games or movies SUPER easy. I'm looking for something similar. I don't expect to have lots of games until my son get's older and starts asking for more.

    Thanks for any input anybody can provide. I'm not opposed to buying a hard modded box from the web if that is best bet.

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    When you did the softmod, there was an option to install usb loader gx. I installed it and loaded it up with the harddrive connected. When you insert an original game it will ask if you want to install it to the hard drive.

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    Mine doesn't ask me that, and the hard drive only is recognized about half the time. It is a seagate 500GB external that I formatted with WBFS manager per the instructions for booting games from USB. Should I just us an SD card?

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    if it doesent ask you that you should try updating the usb loader gx to the latest version.

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    You could use NeoGamma as a USB/SD/SDHC/Disc loader. It's what I use, and it loads more games with even less errors than USB Loader and USB Loader GX.
    You could try making a disc image (ISO file) of the discs, and use WBFS Manager to load the newly created ISO's onto the HDD.


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