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Thread: Backing up NAND?

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    Backing up NAND?

    Well I've been trying to figure out how to backup my NAND, but everytime I try to load BootMii from the Homebrew Channel I just get a black screen. I've let it sit there for about 5 minutes and still nothing happens. I'm running 4.2U I believe, if U means USA. I got the Wii yesterday and updated it right away, and that was before I knew about all this stuff. I installed the Homebrew Channel yesterday through a different tutorial than this one if that makes a difference. I just used this guide for that. I didn't even know about this site then. Anyways, today I followed this one down to the letter and I got parts B C and D all done. I have Priiloader going. I don't get what's wrong! Is it possible that I have to have a Gamecube controller plugged into my Wii? If so I know where to get one. We have a used game store here in town that has a bunch of them.

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    Need to make sure the bootmi folder with the 3 files in it is at the root of the sd card. You will need a gamecube controller to use it though.

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    Yep it's there.


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