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Thread: Updating 3.4-4.1

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    Updating 3.4-4.1

    I used a channel on YouTube to make my existing Wii 3.4 to use USB Loader GX. It seems to work great, loads all of my backups just as I wanted it to do.

    However I'd like SDHC compatibility!! I know I've got to upgrade to 4.1.

    Would it make sense to make my Wii a virgin again (as per the guide on here) which ends me up with a fresh 4.1 console, then to use the guide to re-enable homebrew?

    Also I didn't back up the NAND with the youtube guide, and the one on here covers all that (which I'd quite like to do as I'm not on 4.2).

    Also, to play backups, I have to load the Homebrew channel, then load USB Loader GX then load the game. Is there any way to make a channel out of USB Loader directly?

    And finally, when I've finished with a game and wish to play another, is there any way of returning to the USB loader menu? At present I have to return to the normal wii menu, load up HB, then USB Loader then the new game. Bit of a pain really!!

    Thanks guys!!

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    Bump Really need the help :-/

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    do not virginize to upgrade and softmod. That's a little crazy. First thing to do is STOP USING YOUTUBE. It's horrible. Use the guide by dogeggs to safely take you up to 4.1 with homebrew still working.

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    The only reason I suggested that was because the guide on youtube (ie the stuff I've installed to make it work) doesn't match what's in the guide's on here.

    If I upgrade then I'll still have the bizarre software config that I got from youtube iykwim?

    I wanted to start from fresh where I can follow a guide on here and have all of the necessary stuff.

    For example I didn't back up the NAND, and the upgrade to 4.1 doesn't include for all that. Does that make any sense? Would the virginize to upgrade and softmod not work then? Obviously I don't want to brick it!!

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    go through the guide by dogeggs to softmod. You won't screw anything up by doing this and it will also bring you up to date on everything. also do the optional part that updates you to 4.1 and never go on youtube again.

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    Just run through the full softmod tutorial to fill any gaps. Virginizing is only if you are selling a Wii and you need it factory fresh.
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    As far as the USB Loader thing, yes you can make a foreworder channel for it: Forwarders (USB Loader GX), and yes everytime you exit out of a game you must restart USB Loader.

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    Thanks all, I know you think I'm mad, but I really want to make sure my Wii is in line with everything on here not with what I had on the youtube channel!

    I'll virginize and follow that guide JMT gave me

    One last thing - I know that the virginizing process leaves me with 4.1. Is it okay to follow the guide above to re-soft mod it?

    Many many thanks!!!

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    Heeeeellllppp!!! I was following the guide to virginize my wii (had 3.4 fw on). The first step was to install the waninkokos 4.1 updater. Put it on the SD card and ran it from the HB Channel. It seemed to work and went back to the Wii Menu. However now the setting stopped working (semi-brick?). I haven't gone any further in the guide as yet. Will that fix it or is my Wii buggered?

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