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Thread: system update 3.4e with drivekey

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    system update 3.4e with drivekey

    Hey guys

    apologies if this has been answered before. I am wondering if it is safe to perform a "system update" while i have my drivekey installed?

    Just bought band hero and it won't let me play it without performing a system update. same goes with NSMB (backup ver) and guitar hero 5 (backup ver)

    thanks guys!


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    from what I can gather from this post:

    updating with drivekey will only allow you to play your native region backups (PAL in my case) - has anyone experienced any other problems? any other way around this without softmodding?

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    performed a system update with the legit band hero inserted. despite the warnings, it worked fine. all of my PAL backups appear to work as well. I dont have any ntsc so havent tested those. the strange thing is, i am still on 3.4e - shouldn't it have update the version? thoughts?


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