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Thread: where is cios38 rev15

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    where is cios38 rev15

    Didn't Wininkoko said he will release after christmas eve? It's past christmas? I found CIOs 38 Rev16 from and I was wondering do I need to install rev 15 before install rev 16?

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    Nope : ) cIOS38 rev15 was an "unofficial" release that was not by Waninkoko (I tested cIOS38 rev15 myself and it worked perfectly fine). Whatever cIOS you have, it will be updated and to revert back to rev14, just reinstall rev14 : ) I tested cIOS38 rev16, but it messed up with Triiforce so I reverted back to rev15. Honestly though, if you have New Super Mario Bros. Wii running on rev14, you have no reason to update until any known bugs are flattened out. Hope that helps.
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    alright i was just wondering cause the fixes did sound good... but was unsure... Yeah I got NSMB working a long time ago. Thanks


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