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    Update Help

    sorry every one but io have another problem.
    i was going thru this tutorial[] then i stoped at step #4 the reason is it says Warning - If you don't install the patched IOS60 first you will brick!
    and i am in 3.4u so i know i must update but my question how do i patch ios60
    and after i patched it do i run the update thru the hombrew channel to update to 4.0.

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    If you downloaded the softmod pack from there it should already be in your wad folder and all you have to do is install it with wad manager. Then you will run 4.1 firmware updater.

    "Before you update to 4.1 make sure you have at least 250 blocks free or you will brick, install IOS60-patched first with Wad Manager using IOS249, then run Firmware Updater 4.1. If you are on 3.3 or 3.4 then you must update now - DO NOT install priiloader until you have updated as it will cause untold problems!"

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    More specifically:

    From HBC, select Wad Mgr. Leave Wad Mgr at its default settings of IOS249 and SD card slot; now select the line that reads WAD. The WAD folder will open and now you will see IOS60patched. Install it.

    To continue-make sure your Wii has Internet ON; WiiConnect24 OFF, from HBC run FW4.1 updater. Now continue the tutorial at Step 5B.


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