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Thread: Band Hero got stuck!!!

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    Exclamation Band Hero got stuck!!!

    hey guys
    my band hero got stuck at the first loading screen please help me

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    Hi !
    Sorry for my bad english.
    I got the same problem : I can launch the game,
    but it pass one time over 50 by the presentation screen. (Sometimes it works, i don't know why)

    I search on all the internet without finding an answer..

    It seem that we're the only one with that problem, dude...

    Up ! ^^ If someone got a clue...

    EDIT :
    Found ! i was transferring my games thank to a RW DVD, my HardDrive was quite ennoying to move.
    So i write the dvd in 8x (doesn't matter, i will use USB => That what i was thinking).
    But i test writing in 1x the dvd or transferring directly from pc to usb drive, no problem.
    In usb, you don't see the message "cannot read from disk, message you have using the dvd directly..

    So, transfert directly from pc, and it will work

    See ya!
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