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Thread: HomeBrew Channel Tutorial

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    Thumbs up HomeBrew Channel Tutorial

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    thanks, should come in-handy
    Pal D2B fitted with Yaosm v3.2

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    Talking another HBC installer tut..with pics

    WAD - Installation & Removal via Wad Manager
    This guide will show you how to install the Homebrew Channel onto your Wii which will let you install Virtual Console and WiiWare channels with ease.

    For this to work, you will need:
    * SD Card (2GB or smaller)
    * Twilight Princess Wii game or a modchip

    ==Preparing SD Card==

    You must first format your SD card to the FAT file system. Most card come pre-formatted with FAT32 which will not work. To format, find the SD card in My Computer and select "Format" when you right-click it. Change "File system" to FAT (NOT FAT32) and set "Allocation unit size" to default. Leave Quick Format unchecked and click start. Wait for the format to finish.

    Now download the required files from and unzip them to the root of the SD card.

    The Virtual Console and WiiWare games come packaged as WAD files. Copy all your WAD files to the "wad" folder on your card. They can't be in any sub-folders, they must be directly in the wad folder. Many WADs are simply named "title.wad" so you'll probably want to rename these for clarity.

    If you don't have a modchip and are installing with the Twilight Princess method see this article for information on the initial Twilight Hack set-up.

    The structure of your SD card should now be:
    * boot.elf
    * apps (folder)
    * private (folder - not needed if you have a modchip)
    * wad (folder)

    Your SD card is now ready. You may eject it from your computer and put in your Wii.

    == Installing the Homebrew Channel ==
    using the Twilight Princess game (for those without modchips)

    Insert your Twilight Princess game and start it. Load the new saved game. Once you get into the game, walk backwards and the game will crash with some text. Once the disclaimer comes up on the screen, press the Reset button on your Wii to install the Homebrew Channel.

    If you backed up your old Twilight Princess save, you can now copy that back over to your Wii in the data management screen. You may need to erase the Wiibrew loader save from your Wii first.

    Now skip to Step 3.

    == Using a modchip ==

    Download the installer disc that corresponds to your region console:
    * USA:
    * Europe:
    * Japan:

    Extract the ISO file from the archive (tar.gz files can be opened in WinRAR). Using your favorite image burning software (I recommend ImgBurn), burn the disc to a DVD.

    When it's done burning put the disc in your Wii and start it. When you see the disclaimer press the Reset button on your Wii to install it.

    == Installing WADs using the Homebrew Channel ==

    On your Wii menu you should now see the Homebrew Channel. Start it and you should see a ''WAD Management'' application listed. Select it with your Wiimote and choose "Load".

    This will bring up a screen with all the WAD files on the SD card listed. Using the d-pad on your Wiimote, scroll to the WAD file you'd like to install. Press the + file to install it. Repeat this for all the files you wish to install. When you are done, you can press the Home button to return to the main Wii screen. All your new games should be installed as Channels.

    If you ever want to uninstall a game from your console, follow this same procedure but click the - button instead of +. Removing the game with the Wii data management screen will also work, but it will leave traces (specifically, a ticket file) on your console. Un-installing it with WAD management will perform a proper and full uninstall.

    == In the future... ==

    From now on, you can install games simply by copying them to the WAD folder on your SD card and then following Step 3. If you ever want to use a new SD card, you'll need to copy the "apps" folder from your old card to the new one. If using a new SD card, remember that it must be formatted as FAT and not FAT32.

    All credit for this article goes to SpiderDave over at Bitgamer

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    HomeBrew Channel Install ISO Disc Disabled with 3.3U (Trucha Signed Discs Disabled)?

    Since system update 3.3U disables Trucha signed discs, which is what the HomeBrew Channel install ISO for mod chips uses, is the only current way to install the HomeBrew Channel through the TP hack?

    EDIT: Alright a bit more reading and I confirmed that the HomeBrew Channel install ISOs for mod chips were disabled with 3.3U since they were signed with Trucha. As read here under the section titled "What is Affected," it states "Afffected - HomeBrew Channel ISO" and "Workaround - Install Using Twilight Hack Instead." WiiBew Wiki - System Menu 3.3

    Off to rent TP! And I thought my Modchip install went bad........
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    is this for 3.2? or 3.3?

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    is it true tHAT THE NEWER UPDATES dont work with this hack any more(after mariokart)

    and that if nintendo finds this on your system they brick your wii OS and void your waranty????????????
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    lmao people please read this post

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    i think u made a typo
    u sed we need boot.elf
    but why wud we need it if we have a modchip? its only for ppl using twighlighthack rite?

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    downloaded it but just need to rent twilight princess

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModderMan View Post
    All credit for this article goes to SpiderDave over at Bitgamer
    It was actually Ken52787. I just used it and pointed people to it

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