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Thread: deleted ios36, have nand backup

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    deleted ios36, have nand backup

    hey all,
    ok so i'm a moron and misread one of the guides around here and accidentally removed IOS36. i read elsewhere to install IOS36-64-v1042.wad. so i did that. but my problem is that i can't get into bootmii so that i can restore my nand, it just blackscreens. also wad manager now blackscreens also. i would like to just start over fresh. thanks for any help.

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    humm im kinda new to all this softmodding, but you could do a lil' bit of search in the forum for similar problems. Do you have Priiloader installed? holding out the reset button for 20 second or something , let me load it directly on my Wii. Again , im no expert...But deleting ( not patching or remplaced by another version) IOS36 ( and any other IOS under 200 ) can lead you into a whirldwind of death and suffering. Last advice, uncap a beer, get youre fav musik running, and abused that Search button

    merry x mas and best of luck


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