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Thread: Not sure if asked the right question before

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    Not sure if asked the right question before

    Does anyone know why my wii goes to a black screen or freezes and can't use the curser when I try and access my Wii Settings through the Wii Options on the Wii Channel? I have v4.2 that my friend upgraded my Wii too when he did the mod. I'm trying to set up the internet connection so I can do some updates but can't even get that far! I appreciate any help I can get and thanks again to everyone on this site. It rocks!

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    Yes we don't know what your friend did to your wii. None of us were there at the time.

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    All the backups work fine but can't seem to get to the wii settings. Thinking may just have to take it back to virgin state and start all over again.

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    An inability to use the Wii settings is seen with the condition known as a semibrick. You can search this site for information on this. The most common cause of a semibrick to accepting a game disc update from an out-of-region game.


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