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Thread: Acekard 2i

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    Acekard 2i

    where is a good site in canada to buy a Acekard 2i card for the ds lite

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    I bought mine from Real Hot Stuff - Online Shop and Wholesaler

    There was a 20$ shipping fee (realhotstuff is an U.S. company and only offers free shipping to people in the U.S.) via FedEx Express, and I got it within 2 days, which is amazing.

    However, if you are seeking alternatives or a Canadian company for cheaper shipping, then check out this page: Acekard | AK | AK+ | AK2 | AK RPG | NDS Flash Cart

    Find the 'North American' section, and there are some options. I've never tried any of them, but they are advertised by the official Acekard website, so I'm pretty sure they are safe.


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