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Thread: Strange problem w/external HD

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    Strange problem w/external HD

    uLoader is the only thing that spins up and reads my external HD. If I want to use snes9xgx or usb loader GX I have to first open uloader, which spins up my HD, then back up and use one of the apps. When I use USB loader GX and the text on the screen appears it says its initializing the HD, but unfortunately the HD doesnt spin up. Its a Seagate Freeagent drive. im using 4.0u

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    lol sorry man, im still recovering from xmas hangover. after posting that i wondered if it even made any sense. basically i want to know why uLoader spins up my HD and nothing else will.

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    bumping my question.

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    The wii does not always send a proper startup command. It has to do with the USB implementation. It was not originally intended to be a USB host and that was part of the software implemented with the homebrew. The startup commands/requests are harddrive specific.

    Try another drive. I find the WD mybooks to be the best for autospinup, otherwise, just use an external enclosure with a regular drive.


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