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Thread: cIOS38rev16

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    can anyone please help me install this
    iv tried with wad manager 1.5 but no look yet
    just get error

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    Do you need to use wad manager or is it an install program that gets run from homebrew channel menu? i haven't looked at it myself as i have heard there are too many bugs.

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    cIOS usually come with installers that run under HBC, and are not installed using Wad Manager. cIOS38rev16 was released by Waninkoko on Christmas Eve as promised. I would wait until more is known about it; some members are currently trying it out for us and reporting back. Some have had no problems, some are reporting a few issues.

    As a new release, for a new Wii user who cannot even recognize by the file extension how to install-it would really be better to wait for any bugs to be reported and fixed. Let others run interference for you.

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    hi there all my first post. all u need to do is make a folder in apps called cios mite need to call it cios1 if there is another folder called cios download cios38rev16 then extract it to the new folder u made then rename the file cios38rev14.dol to boot.dol and then insert it into the wii go to hombrew and load it from the list use ico 249 to install and disable nand emulation and then do a network instalation once it finishes your done be sure to set your internet up first or it will fail :0


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