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    Question Quick Noob Question

    Well last night I successfully soft modded my 4.2U wii console. Everything works great but I'm just curious if it is safe to connect to the internet, Use wii connect, and is there anything I have to do to checks with any programs to make sure the game is valid? Thank You, Happy Holidays!

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    yes you can connect to the net.

    and there is wiiscrubber that will check the disc, but you can just pop it in and see if thats a go

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    Thank You messie, yea I was just a little worried becasue I looked at the mail and it showed how I used neogamma and the homebrew channel and I didn't know if wii kept track of it. Do you have a link for wiiscrubber?

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    no, just google it. but it s not really that much needed anyway.


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