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Thread: FlatMii and softmod

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    FlatMii and softmod


    I've bought my black wii and installed FlatMii (normal, not 125) so I'm streaming my ISO's from PC and everything is superb. Now Ive started to read about softmoding, I got 4.1E so I think this guide is for me
    I'm planning to do it but before I have some general questions.

    1. As I have FlatMii already, what new features I can get from softmoding apart from loading backups from USB and DVD-R?
    2. What is hombrew channel and what features I can get from there?
    3. What you recomend to install apart from things recomended in guide above?
    4. I don't have gamecube controler so if I cant use my front buttons, how esential is to backup NAND? (as I have 4.1 there is info that restoring NAND to my version is NOT recomended)

    Thanks for your help
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