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Thread: plz help me

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    plz help me

    hi, have a softmod wii 3.1v ,and want to play a original game Using and the wii wants to update is this ok to do

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    you can update from discs but make sure they are the same reigon

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    Thank you very much for ur help, i dnt mean to sound dum but want do u mean by that

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    Go to your wii settings. If it has a U after the verison your using, then you need ntsc discs. If you have an E (europe) after your region, then you need PAL version discs. It usually says in the download which it is. Only update from your region. What is your system menu and region?

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    my system menu is ver.3.1 and region E

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    Then only do updates from PAL discs. Another option would be to go up to 4.1 using dogeggs's guide and install preloader to block future updates.

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    So this want brick my wii then

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    If it's from your region, no.

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    i am updating now i will let you now

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    mate thank you very much it has worked
    thank u very much for ur hlep

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