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Thread: WBFS, cannot format USB portable HDD

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    WBFS, cannot format USB portable HDD

    Hi all,

    I just bought a Samsung S2 Portable 320 GB USB diskdrive. For some (for no) reason I can't get it formatted with WBFS, I always get back "An error occurred while attempting for format the drive".

    I tried running WBFS 3.0 under Windows-7 (also started the application with "Run as administrator") and Windows-XP, with no success. I have created on single primary partition and left it as "raw" (I also tried FAT or NTFS - because I was running out of ideas, still no success).

    What am I doing wrong? Any hints are welcome,

    thanks in advance,


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    Use the search function or have a look at my thread a few threads down this page. I got it to work by uninstalling and reinstalling on a new vista computer.

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    Sorry mate, but I am not going to reinstall a fully functional Windows operating system because of such a problem, I assume you were kidding, right ?

    Regards, guschora

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    Lool, not talking about the operating system, Im just saying, an reinstall of wbfs might work

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    try a full format of the drive as ntfs first... and check it with some software to see if that helps

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    Samsung S2 USB HDD 320GB user

    Hi All,

    I think that who ever bought a Samsung HDD S2 320GB WILL NOT be able to use this in anyway on WBFS Manager of other WBFS format tools.
    In the 3 days I have the brand new HDD I canŽt seem to make it work.
    I have read many forums over the last 3 days and did everything possible AND mentioned on the web.
    Only one tool seems to ŽunderstandŽa Samung HDD if you wish you can try it yourself look on the web for WII Backup Manager. With this tool I managed to format and put a game on it! I thought YEAH but then `%$##$%&` nope WII freezes on loading USB HDD with USB Loader.

    Just one other thing = Do you have a Nintendo DS? Or any other USB stick? Try it with that!!! I used the usb adapter and the MicroSD (1GB) card that came with the R4 Card. copied everything form this SD to HDD (for backup reasons). Used WBFS Manager and ........ Away we went.. Now playing a game......

    My guess is that Samsung isn't supported in ANYWAY to use this with WII.
    If you bought it just recently please take it back (if still unused) and go for a Western Digital HDD. I 99% of the cases this is most stable / supported one.... I spent 70 euros for nothing!

    If someone have the sameproblem and Santa gave you the solution for Christmas please do tell me how!

    I used
    WBFS Manager 3.0
    WBFS Manager 2.2.2
    WII Backup Manager
    a bunch of WBFS_Win stuff
    Tried out differten way of formating HDD (NTFS / FAT32) with Samsung Fortmat Tools........
    Also used these tools on Windows 7 and Vista.

    As I said the only way to format this drive is with WII Backup Manager but then WII freezes on USB loader!

    One thing I can say fore sure.....some people got it to work (but they used 500GB and 260GB drives)

    Hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayden2008 View Post
    As I said the only way to format this drive is with WII Backup Manager but then WII freezes on USB loader!

    Hope this helps!

    This is very interesting, because in the meantime I successfully formatted that Samsung using the Linux WBFS Manager, copied over some ISO images, and ... the Wii freezes completely whenever one of those USB loaders is trying to access it.

    Looks like the Samsung S2 portable harddisks indeed don't work with the Wii. Shit.

    Thanks for your posting, looking for a new harddrive now.

    regards, guschora

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    Indeed it sucks....However I have a brand new HDD for you if you want ...It's a 320GB HDD the brand is Samsung.

    No seriously! it really sucks! But if you have a usb stick...try it. You can then see of your WII stil freezes.

    I'm out of luck also but maybe there is an update coming or someone figured it out then you can still use this one!

    I keep an eye on this post and maybe someone can help us!

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    why dont you try FAT32 formatting with usbloader configurable? it supports FAT32

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    Hi there,

    USB Loader configurable. This is used on the WII console right?
    Anyway to format it to FAT32 isn't a problem I used Samsung Format Tool to format it to FAT32. However when I then use WBFS Manager or any tool for that matter still no luck. I still want to try a double USB cable for extra powersupply to the HDD, maybe that is going to work but I doubt it.

    As I said I tried every format possible FAT32 / NTSF /exFAT!

    Thank you anyway for giving a reply and for whats it worth we never know which reply is the GOLDEN one!

    Gr. Jayden2008

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