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Thread: PAL to NTSC and Scrubbing/Patching

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    PAL to NTSC and Scrubbing/Patching

    Hello everyone. First post here. I've spent HOURS reading/searching and couldn't find the answer to my question. I want to send a thank you to messie for compiling the tutorial on softmodding 4.2U and all the guys that contributed to that.

    I have NSMB as a PAL iso and want to burn it on DVD. I've read on here that you have to 'scrub' and 'patch' some files but I'm not sure when these apply or why it's done. I tried using context clues to understand, but no luck lol. Also, I would assume the first thing I need to do is convert the file to NTSC? How is this done? I think I can handle the iso burning part, I just need help prepping the file.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This tutorial shows every way possible to get nsmbw working. Read it carefully and you'll understand.

    Good Luck.

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    gotcha. i'll follow the instructions for patching/fixing the iso. i take it "patch" is turning it into ntsc. what does scrubbing mean? (well, i know scrub is to clean or remove, but what is it doing?) thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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    Patching means it will fix the problem caused by the new anti-piracy protection in the game. A part of the tutorial involves selecting your region to patch to.

    Now to scrubbing. A Single Layer Wii ISO always has 4.37 GB when unzipped but not all of this is game data, some of this is junk data. Scrubbing replaces the junk data with compressible 0s which allows you to zip the iso and save space.

    A Zipped unscrubbed iso would be 4+ GB
    While a zipped scrubbed iso may be under 2.3 GB
    In the case of nsmbw, the zipped scrubbed iso is under 1 GB.

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    great, thanks sonic. i hope the process goes by smoothly.

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    sonic, im on wiiscrubber and got the main.dol extracted. now im reading the guide and it says to use that ppf prog to patch the main.dol file (which i did). on the input i used main.dol, then on patch i used main.dol.ntsc.ppf. this seemed to work fine, but the guide says something about alt.dol loading. im not sure what that is but i plan on burning this to a disc and load it that way, do i need to ppf patch the entire iso as well? im a little confused on this part.

    also, do i need to scrub the file if im burning to a disc or is that just to save space on one's hard drive?

    thanks in advance. i feel like im sooo close!

    edit: i went ahead and just replaced the main.dol file with the patched version on wiiscrubber. it gave me a message stating it was reparsing the file. what are next steps, do i need to save anything or is it already finalized on the iso file? it says 529MB disc data size, 2625 files, ntsc region code. looks like it's ready. im going to move on to imgburn just because im excited, but i'd like to hear from you in case this doesnt work or i skipped something.
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    nvm, it's working. i only patched the main.dol and followed the instructions. used imgburn at 1x speed (burned quicker than i thought) on my toshiba/samsung drive. i was surprised because i used memorex dvd+r but it's working perfectly so far. thanks for the help.


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