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Thread: 4.2e softmod help

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    Exclamation 4.2e softmod help

    Hey all,
    I'm very new here just got my wii for xmas -- well the kids did lol.

    I've looked at the guide for softmodding the wii which seems fairly straight forward, however my kids are fairly young and not knowing much about the wii yet I have concerns that they may brick the thing by playing around in some of the menu's - It sounds like it's not that hard to brick the wii from what i have read.

    Any advise ??

    No aussie flag

    Also I've seen site which claim to have software to back games and play them with no modding - are they for real ?
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    uh maybe install pre/priiloader, it will protect u from out of region, disc updates and small bricks.

    other than that u can just take out the SD card with the apps for modding so they cant use them to uninstall important files or instal crap to brick it.

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    You'll want to look into installing your usb loader as a channel instead of as a forwarder. This will allow you to remove the sd card from the console and any programs you don't want them to access.

    Here's a page on using and installing a very popular loader, USB Loader GX: scroll down a bit for more description on the differences between "channel" and "forwarder".

    And check out the many guides and tutorials in the Guides section of the site for lots of really good info.
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