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Thread: Softmod and Friend Codes?

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    Question Softmod and Friend Codes?

    So, we're new to the Wii thing in general, so this might sound like a stupid question.... Sorry!

    Our question is that we have our Wii softmodded to play our games off of burnt DVD discs. Will this affect our ability to add friends and play games online with friends??? And if so, how does it affect it, and how can we get it to work??? We're only now about to start trying to add friends and wanting to play games with our friends over the internet, so we haven't seen how it even works on a NON modded Wii. :-( We know where to go for adding friends on the Wii itself, but as far as playing games with anyone--we still haven't done anything to see how that goes!

    Thank you, in advance, for any help you can give us with this!

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    everything works the same as if you own the actual game


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