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Thread: External 1TB HD with no on/off switch good or bad?

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    External 1TB HD with no on/off switch good or bad?

    Got a new 1 TB HD for xmas but i thought all externals had on/off switchs...What do you guys think about this topic?

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    i dont think on/off switch matters.Why would u need it? If its 1TB than its very good in my opinion.

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    I have a 1 tb drive and it turns on when I turn on and off with the wii , so it really don't matter as long as it does not go to sleep while you are playing a game.

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    Maybe shutting down the wii might not allow the hard drive to shut down properley like an OS or an on off switch?
    I would like to use the HD 500 GB for wii and 2 250 GB NTFS partitions so i will be using it not just on the wii.
    I just want every precaution to help the HD last and dont know if there are any risks on using it for my wii.

    Let me know your set ups guys...
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