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Thread: I want to buy a BNIB modded Wii, suggestions???

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    I want to buy a BNIB modded Wii, suggestions???

    I have tried to contact a few vendors but have had no success. Any advice as I am running out of excuses for my son.


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    I'm selling mine if you're interested?

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    How much?????????????

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    My price is kinda high as I'm in need of some cash right now. But you'll get a lot for your money. PM me if you're interested and we'll go from there.

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    If you buy a pre-modded console, your going to pay an arm and a leg for it...Pre-modded wii's are going for $400-$650 USD right now which is insane....

    What I would do is buy yourself a brand new wii which is $250 USD....Order yourself a solderless chip about $70 USD and put it in yourself...It's really simple and you'll have yourself a brand new modded wii for about $300-$330 USD.....

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    That is an even better suggestion. You will save a lot of money if you get one and do it yourself. However, take care with placing it inside.

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    I got a brand new Wii and I would like to modify it. Please give me some suggestions.


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