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Thread: Cant Get DVDs To work After cIOSCORP_v3.6

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    Question Cant Get DVDs To work After cIOSCORP_v3.6

    Hi All,
    Great to See A Site Like This... I Have A XBox From UAE My Son Brought Back With a HDD, Plays And Saves Game Great. I Just Bought A Wii, Trying To Get Every Thing Working, So We Can Save And Play From A External USB, And Also Watch DVDs, HomeBrew Is Loaded, 4.1U Firmware, I Cant Seem To Get the USB 2 To Load, DVDX Installs MPlayer Loads But Wont Play.... What Am I Doing Wrong.... I Have Been Reading All Day And I Just Cant Seem To Figure It Out. Any Body Got Some Tips

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    cioscorp is for running disk backups through the disk channel. If you plan on using usb drive, cioscorp did nothing for your cause, infact it may make it more difficult since it does so many things and most ppl dont know what and why they are.


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