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Thread: PriiLoader and BootMii questions

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    PriiLoader and BootMii questions

    I have done some research and I still have some questions. I have BootMii installed in Boot2 and when I try to access it via PriiLoader i get an error. I have PriiLoader v0.1 (r15) it reports that I have IOSv60 and Systemmenu v449. I tried to go to BootMii one more time and it told me "Error booting BootMii IOS".

    I have read that since I have it in Boot2 I can't access it via HBC. How can I get to it if I ever have a problem? Also I am on 4.1U
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    Priiloader gives u an error cuz its IOS bootmii only and not Boot2.
    if u want to run boot2 u just put in the SD card u used when installing it and it will autoboot.

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    When I installed it I chose BootMii to be installed as Boot2. I will double check that in a few minutes.


    I just checked and my HackMii installer offers to Uninstall BootMii from Boot2 not IOS.

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    yep so you need the bootmi folder with the 3 files in it at the root of the sd card to run it. then just reboot the wii and it will be there.

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    Ok cool, I am glad that it's straightened out. I would hate to have something go wrong and I didn't know what to do.

    Thanks for the help.


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