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Thread: Running game backups/homebrew on DSi

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    Question Running game backups/homebrew on DSi

    Hello people!

    I've just purchased a brand new Nintendo DSi, and now I want to be able to run my game backups and homebrew on it.

    What is the best hardware/software package out there to do this? I mean, which one offers most compatibility on games, and is almost error-free?

    Please let me know products from this website - Backup & Tools NDS buy Backup & Tools NDS at

    It would be great if it could be Macintosh-compatible, but if not there is also no problem at all!

    Thank you very much for your help and I hope you had a wicked Christmas!


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    Just a small note, I would appreciate if the 'modus operandi' of the system could be as simple as possible. Almost something like a drag-and-drop system.

    If not... no problem at all

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    Get you a AceKard 2i or a M3i Zero, that ought to get you playin your backups and homebrew on a DSi.

    It's a DSi, expect system updates from Nintendo, and new copyright protection in the games will keep you in touch with game patches, and firmware updates, for your new flashcart.
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    Hello Stomp_442, thank you for the reply.

    Yeah, I'm getting either a AceKard 2i or a M3i Zero. But, which of these offer better updates in the future, in order to keep my DSi playing all the game backups?

    Thanks again!

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    The M3 team comes out with a lot of updates (2 updates this month), I have both a M3 and AK 2i, I know some of the new games I find patches for them because I can't wait for updates, I can all ways seem to get games working on my M3 but don't keep so much up to date with the AceKard 2i, I need to get more familar with the AceKard 2i. But when I bought it, it was all ready updated with the 1.4 firmware patch. I'm going to have to add some new games to the Acekard 2i to see what happens, then I'll be forced to get them working and find updates. I use my DS more than the DSi.

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    How do you put the games on the DSi working with the M3? It's just a drag-and-drop inside the SDcard, or do I need software to do something else?

    M3 is compatible with OSX?

    Thanks again!

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    The flashcarts all use micro SD cards that you copy the firmware/games/homebrew/videos/music over. So it should work if you mac can read Micro sds. Its a simple drag and drop. You plug the card into an adapter and let the computer read it. Then you copy the firmware onto the sd card. After that you can create a folder on the root of the sd card and name it Games. Copy all the roms into there. After you have the games that you want, you just remove it from the adapter and insert into the flashcart. Then you insert it into the dsl/i. And boom you got a working flashcart.
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    Ah! Cool!

    I also have a Nintendo DS and I use a G6 Lite. Through this I had to use a specific software in order to copy the games to my DS. It was a bummer since I'm a Mac user and that software was Windows-only....

    Tomorrow I'm going to order a M3i Zero. Good choice or should I also try the AceKard 2i?

    Cheers and thank you for the help!

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