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Thread: too small file size?

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    too small file size?

    hi all,

    Ive followed all procedures and now trying to backup my games.

    first I tried backing up "wii play" to USB HDD using USB loader GX. my question is file size. it was only 0.10gb. is this not a bit far too small? I ejected the game, and tried playing via USB loader GX and played ok (up to few games, didnt try them all)

    also tried super mario wii, and this time file size shown on USB loader GX is 0.39gb.. I can believe it is showing that?!

    from the forums, I can see that people are usually talking about 4gb size..

    please can you enlighten me..


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    when its on the hdd it only rips the game none of the updates ect nsmb is 0.4 gb on mine and its fine
    its like wiiscrubber or scrubbed if you want to call it that

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    so this is perfectly fine then?

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    yes mate its running the way it should


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