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Thread: Mplayer Ce won't play 740p

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    Us Mplayer Ce won't play 740p

    Hi guys!
    A couple weeks ago I installed Mplayer Ce 0.76 it work great with format Avi and other play 740p movies from hdd.

    Since other Mplayer Ax( football sign on Will munu) it doen't do any good for
    the file, so I uninstalled it, Now my Avi or other ect. won't play 740p no more.

    I been work afew days already can not figure out how to get it running

    Any other help avaliable please give me some input what software do I need
    to get 740p up.

    Thanks for commend to bright it up.

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    First I think you mean 720p.
    Second, the wii can NOT play 720p aka .mkv/.h246 or whatever its called. The wii processor can not handle it so it will skip when you try to play it. There is really no software to force something that has a max output of 480p to display 720p. I can be wrong about that though cause I have heard talk about people playing NSMB in 1080p so it can be plausible.
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    well mkv is a container file,and x264/h.264 is actually just and mpeg4, the Wii will not play either of those file formats. Although theoretically it could play a divx, xvid, avi that was encoded in 720p.


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