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Thread: all setup, now what?

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    all setup, now what?

    Hi everyone

    Assuming I had my Wii with chip installed (latest dcpro9) with clip, and I had downloaded my game, apart from burning it to dvd, what else do I need to do, and how is this done?

    I mean, so I don't end up bricking my Wii etc etc. What needs to be done to the chip (flashed?) and how do you do this?

    Do I need to make any checks on the games, or do anything to them before I burn?

    thanks alot

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    No! You are set to go
    Just burn your back (US COPY) ~ NTSC ==> And pop in!

  3. #3 make sure it dosn't get bricked
    it's good to take your downloaded iso file and run it through WiiBrickBlocker and patch the iso, and also through make sure it fits your region... if it dosn't then patch it. I run all my games through both of these progs even with region free mode on...just in case

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    Do you also need to run it through 'Scrubber'?

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    You should not have to run it through Wii Scrubber. I believe the main reason for scrubbing a backup is to fill unused space with padded data which will then allow you to compress the ISO so the download size is much smaller and faster to download. I think it also has the ability to extract content as well. If you have already downloaded or made a backup of a game then there would be no real advantage to scrubbing it unless you planned on uploading it so others can download it or you were trying conserve hard disk space where you store you ISO's.


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