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    Yo guys, I have a flashed liteon 1.6 which hasn't been online since I got it flashed and I still haven't been flagged but I wanna unflash it and play legit again, I don't have the patience to wait for the new fw.

    Will I be banned if I unflash and go online? All games I played were verified but the second I connect, it'll update my gamerscore. Is it ok?

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    Login to your profile on someone else's unmodded 360. That way if your banned, your profile won't be corrupted. Then you can always retrieve it later off live on an unmodded console.

    I was not banned, but I'm pretty sure I will be when I go back on live, probably even after upgrading to iXtreme LT. I suspect that they have me console flagged.

    Best of luck in the off chance that they missed you.

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    How are you so sure that you're not flagged. If you even power on the xbox without the drive connected, it's already logged. Consider that before you think you're safe. There's a ton of offline data that has already been collected and will show up on their end when you first go on live.

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    Check on they have an X-Val checker, it will tell you if you are banned. OR you can go online and tell microsoft it has the RROD and you want to send it in, when it asks for your console ID, if it accepts it you are safe.

    To unflash a lite-on... you really can't, unless you have the OFW(original FirmWare) from the drive, but no one really extracts that, just the dvdkey.

    All you would have to do, is get a liteon OFW from the correct version of your drive(7485, 8385, 8385v2, 9538, etc.) then spoof your key onto it and flash your lite-on again.

    Please note that microsoft can detect modders even if you are offline.


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