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Thread: Help! When I start up my Wii I'm stuck on Priiloader and it won't go to System Menu!!

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    Help! When I start up my Wii I'm stuck on Priiloader and it won't go to System Menu!!

    I was using xzxero's guide again (installing homebrew, dvdx, boot2 and boot as ios, making a nand backup, restroring the trucha bug, ect) and I loaded priiloader v0. (r15), had a few problems with the hacks.ini and something crazy loaded up so I restarted the Wii.

    Now whenever I start up the Wii, Priiloader comes up and wont let me go to the System menu, but allows me to go to Homebrew. So I went to homebrew, started the Priiloader application again and pressed (-) to delete it.

    Then it a few lines down it said:

    "Priiloader installation found, restoring the system menu.
    Unable to restore system menu, aborting mission."

    What should I do!!!??? Please help!

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    that happend to me mate its an easy fix

    what system have u got ?

    use nud downloader to download the system wad for the region and firware u have then install using wad manager

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    I got a 4.2U, but I went through xzxero's guide so I made a NAND backup, restored the Trucha Bug, deleted the stub IOS's, installed cIOSs and patched the system menu cIOS,

    Then I loaded in Priiloader v.01 (rev15) and everything got f'ed up. Now I'm still stuck on the Priiloader menu and when I click on the System Menu it wont let me go there.

    Since I have saved the NAND back up, what would happen if I restored it? Will that return my wii to the way it was? And if so, how do I do it?

    How do I format the memory card to do that.

    All I'd like is to be able to go back to my old system menu, which included a bunch of games I bought on the Virtual Console.

    Thanks! Any help is very much appreciated.

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    just use nus downloader and get system file for 4.2u it will insatll it and it will be just like it was b4 u installed priiloader

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    will all my old Virtual Console games still be there? I mean, I bought a few, and if I just reinstall a new system menu won't that erase all those VC games?

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    yes they will be their all my channels like neogammer ect was still their its just priiloader has made the error in the system wad so reinstall that wad fixes the problem and priiloader will be gone

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    mario bros. channel

    well i did xzeros instruction guide i misred somethin and i got a mario bros. channel wen i started it up ...well lets say i got a christmas mario bros. channel so heeeelp

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    the nus downloader doesn't seem to work as I have a mac and not a PC.

    I have to ask, since I have a NAND backup, what would happen if I restored it through Bootmii?

    All I'd like is for my Wii to go back to how it was.

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    ive never used it mate but thats what its 4 to resore ur system

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    Add Priiloader to 4.1U or 4.1E or 4.2U or 4.2E

    theirs the link about priiloader mate u can download the 4.2u system wad on their

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