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Thread: Problem with gc backups! Help!

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    Angry Problem with gc backups! Help!

    Hey y'all

    so I have a Lu 61 wii, softmodded to play wii backups. The wii backups work just fine, using neogamma. Hbc and dvdx are also installed. So now I want to play gc backups. I have burned Mario sunshine, wind waker, and lugis mansion to a multi iso DVD-r. At first I thought the multi iso was the problem, so I burned Mario sunshine to a disc by itself. First I tried using gc backup launcher 0.2. I used the mios patcher to patch v8, with wii backup launcher support. Then I put the game in, launched it through gc backup launcher and after the DVD reads my screen goes all apeshit and starts bouncing up and down with lines everywhere. I can see the game playing so I know te DVD is reading, but the screen is just all messe up. I also tried patching the mios to v4,5 etc with and without wii backup launcer support and still same problem. I tried using waninkokos cmios rev 3 installer to install a custom ios through both wad ( rvl 8, in my sd card root) and network and still nothing. Last, I used any title deleter to delete the mios file completely from the wii. I then ran the gc launcer with the game. It read the Id correctly but got a black screen. This tells me that with no mios it goes black, with mios or cmios it runs with a messed up screen. So I'm thinking it's a mios patching problem. Anyways, after deleting the mios, I used waninkokos rev 3 cmios installer to install a cmios through wad and network. Same problem. Then tried patching it with mios patcher, same poblem. Tried deleting mios again, then repalacing it with original mios from cios installer and patching with mios patcher 0.2. Still same problem. I've also tried using 0.3 beta, and 0.1xi. Also tried gecko 1.9.3, it couldn't even read the disc. Tried loading through neogamma, and it just kicks over to gc backup launcher and again same problem. Again, problem refers to the messed up screen. I have also tried forcing NTSC settings on all loaders, and still have thr same problem...

    So... Please help me!!!!!! Thanks!

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