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Thread: new to burning games, help please

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    new to burning games, help please

    so, i just soft modded my wii to be able to play the burned game disks, but i need to know now if there are any really good sites to get the games (IDC if they are torrent sites or not as long as they are safe) or if anyone has any links to a few specific game downlaods

    silent hill: shattered memories
    naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3
    tales of symphonia 2
    baiten kaitos origins
    new super mario bros. wii

    so, any help would be appreciated,also, if i could get a guide link instead that'd be helpful as well

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    Are these what you are looking for??

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    (. (*(♥ BabyHacks
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    yes, thanks a lot

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    Thanks for the post


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