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Thread: Merry Christmas All

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    Merry Christmas All

    Hope you all had a good day, just saying hi as I am a newbie and looking for some advice.

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    my house? XD
    merry xmas to u too
    what kind of advice are u looking for?hacking ur wii? whats ur wiis FW? just follow the great tuts here.

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    Hi Dami,

    Merry Christmas I have bought myself a Hitachi 500gb SimpleDRIVE Mini and am wondering how to use it with my wii.

    I have formatted it with WBFS Manager GX USB loader but cant use it on my Wii yet, any ideas?

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    Can't use it? is there a force field around it that won't allow this lol? or are you getting errors, game frezing?


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