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Thread: error 002 wii sports resort

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    error 002 wii sports resort

    Ok I hope someone can help me out with this problem. I recently purchased Wii Sports Resort for my mom, but when we tried the game it did not seem to work. I first loaded the game from the normal disk channel, the presentation thingy came up so I clicked on the play option. After several minutes I turned it off and tried it with my backup loader and a blue screen came up with the 002 error. I had installed this backup loader to play the conduit which worked at the time, and this problem didn't come up again until now. I was browsing over the internet and saw that a solution might be to use the NeoGamma Loader. I downloaded the thing and loaded the game once again, but another thing came up; it said that my cIOS version was 7 and had to update to 14. I downloaded the cIOS thing from the same website I downloaded the loader and installed it. I tried the game one more time but my restarted for some weird reason, so I tried it again... it restarted. I would REALLLLLYYY APPRECIATE some help here. Anyone know what to do to make this thing work?

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    Hmmm, I wonder if most loaders come with an 002 error fix in them.


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