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Thread: Neogamma r8b7

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    Neogamma r8b7

    Hi, I have spent the last week reading over 1000+ pages for this answer so please don't flame a newbie too bad.. I have a 4.0U and softmodded through

    Everything seems to be running fine but the Neogamma r8b7. It locks up and goes black anytime I try to start it. I have read that I need to make sure I have the updated files but from what I gather I do.. the only thing I did not do on this guide is the update in step 4 and since I have 4.0U I skipped it. Does anyone please have an idea what I might try next. Thanks in advance.

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    have u got ios38 installer rev 14 installed mate ?
    if so their is neogammer 8 beta 15 wad if u look about on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickyd124 View Post
    have u got ios38 installer rev 14 installed mate ?
    if so their is neogammer 8 beta 15 wad if u look about on here
    Yes I have ios38 rev 14 installed, I found neogammer 8 beta 15 wad. I installed it and still the black screen and wii locks up I have to hold down power to turn off the wii. Is there something else that I might not have set right?

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    its the ios the game needs to run thats out of date i read in the foroum when doing a search myself, i just downloaded all the updated ios wad files and installed them using wad manager and everything has been fine apart from the odd game but they worked after using ios patcher 1.1 to use ios 249

    use nus downloader to down load all the ios wads

    u can also use wiibrickblocker to patch the update part of the disks if u havent got priiloder installed

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    here is the link

    remeber to thank junkmailturds as it was these files that help me

    just google iso patcher 1.1 to find it and the same for wiibrick blocker
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    I re-installed cios38rev14 and it went through it with no errors and said it did it successfully, but still black screen. Could it be that I am using the wrong media? I am using memorex dvd-r I went to walmart to find Verbatim DVD-R's but they don't have them so I will order them online and have them ship it to the store, but for now I am wondering if this could be it?

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    black screen is ment to be out of date ios the link i gave u will let u download them one at a time then install them via wad manager to sort the black screen issue out, also just burn at 2 or 4 speed for best results, ive used cheap disks called data wrie b4 i never had issuse

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    I am still downloading them, I am going to install all of these wad files? Right?

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    yes mate thats right just install them with wad manager then once they are all in exit wad manager and power off the wii and boot it up again then try the game that had black screen, dont bother with wiibrickblocker ive just done 2 games with it and they woulnt load redid the the games with out using it and the booted up straight away

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    I am having a problem after updating too. I was on 3.2U and used that guide to update to 4.1U with cios38 rev14 and i updated neogamma to r8b7 so i could play a newer game i recently bought. But my old backup games wont boot in neogamma now. It will show say that it couldnt read disk and says to reboot. I updated everything it said to on the guide. Any assistance would be great.

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