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Thread: abnormal disc sizes

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    abnormal disc sizes

    Hi all

    I have just modded my Wii with WiiKey, updated with 1.9, and have burned a few games. So far, the only game that has worked on a non-rewritable media is Mario Strikers Charged. Mario Kart Wii works on a rewritable disc that I burned. Curiously the ISO size for Mario Strikers is 2.19 GB. Normally Wii games, I've been reading, are supposed to be a specific size down to the very last byte, correct? How come this one worked and others, such as Tiger Woods and Madden, do not and they are the same size? Confused, yes. Help needed, very much so. Hopefully someone with more experience than myself can provide me with some insight that will help me solve this complex problem.

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    yeah i had the same issue with mario galaxy when i dumped it it wa 4.27GB but i burned it and it plays fine

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    Any idea why the others don't work? I may just rent them again and redump them.


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