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Thread: WiiKey2 1.3 (Odyssey) + NSMB = fail

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    Cool WiiKey2 1.3 (Odyssey) + NSMB = fail

    Evening lads!

    Yesterday my son got a Wii with preinstalled wiikey2, which is a excelllent option due to earlier knowledge of his "riverdancing" on XBOX DVD's "spilled" on the floor.

    Anyway, i have the original NSMB, and made a 1by1 sector copy of the game. But when i start it, i get the same message as i get on the original DVD... "Update your Wii".
    I havent done that due to my shaky thoughs of wreckin havoc on the WiiKey2 chip. So my question, should i use my original NSMB DVD and upgrade my Wii, or will i crash my WiiKey2? Or is there anyway to play the original (or backup) game w/o updating the Wii?

    Btw: Avatar (original and backup) worked flawless.... NSMB is the only thing that doesnt work now.

    Any help would be appreciated, and will be rewarded with a cookie.


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    NSMB questions+ not looking for the thread guide = fail

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    NSMB questions+ not looking for the thread guide = fail
    Hehe, yeah! Im closing this anyway.. i called a buddy wgo told me to update! I did, and it worked =)




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